Fed-up of lousy music recommendations? Wish you understood a bit more how one song relates to another? MusicGeek is a unique solution that for the first time is capable of combining expert opinion with deep metadata through the use of cognitive computing.

Using the expert opinions found in our curated content sources, (selected music blogs and biographies) our specialized content team uses AI solutions to train MusicGeek to understand music from a human perspective. Combining this with our own encyclopedic metadata means that MusicGeek™ offers a truly unique, expert-powered experience.

Why choose MusicGeek?


We built MusicGeek to unleash the inner music geek in our users. So for every song we recommend we give a reason for recommendation, which could be an interesting fact from our database or a snippet of the original content used to recommend the song.


Everyone thinks differently – intuitive means the way you think. Because MusicGeek is so flexible and built around a semantic data model, it’s a system that mirrors how you think about music. Now that’s intuitive!


You choose the parameters. MusicGeek gives you unparalleled control of your music recommendations, with combinations of 6 tag types, covering recordings, albums, artists, places, decades and genres.


Not only do you get depth, MusicGeek brings expert opinion to your side as an integrated part of the experience. It’s like asking your mates for recommendations, only they’re experts!


Find connexions in places you never thought to look. That’s what being smart with data means

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