Metadata Enhancement

We know how music metadata can get very messy. As the essential ingredient for getting your catalogue in front of the its audience, and for filling in the right number on artists’ pay cheques, getting metadata right is so important. However, we also know that fixing it is tedious and time consuming, and keeping it consistent can be difficult. Sometimes it feels that it’s better to put off making improvements for another day…

Luckily, you can turn to us for you data improvement needs! With years of experience handling metadata from various disparate sources, we have the infrastructure and technology to bring your data up to date and ready for the changing needs of the future.

Why Quantone?

No- hassle integration

We will consult with you on how best to receive and deliver the data, from receiving DDEX as part of an ongoing catalogue health check, to a full database transfer for in-depth cleaning or systems migration.

Catalogue analytics

Once we’ve ingested your catalogue, we’ll run some analytics to find the gaps, patchy areas, and problem spots. We will provide a report on our findings and give you direct access to the progress through our online catalogue tool.

Data cleansing

Styling and Normalisation

Samples of data that might look correct individually may be inconsistent with your larger data set. This will cause delays in distribution through rejection by service providers. We can re-style your catalogue to ensure it consistently meets industry standards in addition to your own.

Get ready for voice

With smart speaker ownership rapidly on the rise, the race is on to ensure metadata keeps pace with the latest developments. Talk to us about what we can do to get your catalogue ready for a world without screens.

Classical metadata done right

Classical music has lots of idiosyncratic requirements when it comes to data, involving data structures and styles not used in any other context. Our proprietary tools will be able to match your recordings to an accurate, structured repertoire database and bring your classical metadata right up to speed with the strictest data standards and styles.


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