Our on-demand API provides:

Fast, reliable access to the Quantone database, providing over 100 data points on artists, albums, recordings and musical works through our straightforward REST API.

Power a new journey

Offer new experiences to your users with our highly linked semantic data.

With flexible querying on artists and the music they’ve participated in, as well as labels, works and much more, our API can supercharge your application and provide the infrastructure for new user experiences.


Integrating a new data service shouldn’t be grating.

Our API supports a range of 3rd party and public domain identifiers, including Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, Discogs, Musicbrainz, and industry standard IDs like UPCs and ISRCs. We also provide a full matching service, including integrating your proprietary identifiers, so you can treat our service as an extension of your existing data infrastructure.

Supply chain

Add us to your supply chain to get the extra goodness from your data.

We support DDEX ERN standards for delivery and ingestion of data. If you run a service that consumes metadata from DDEX messages, adding us to your supply chain will make sure that every last bit of goodness sent by the labels will be available to use interactively through our API.


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