You need voice for tracks to be heard

Over the past few years, voice-controlled speakers have become very popular – for good reason. Speaking is simple and quick, and a lot more natural than typing. A recent study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners  says that 40% of voice searches in Amazon Echo are for music. So it’s really important for the music industry to be ready.

While talking is simple, it’s not as easy to know what the speaker wants. Being “user-friendly” can be “provider-hostile”. The solution is both simple and painstaking – to tag each track with metadata that anticipates what people might want.

Common problems:

“Play a Latin pop song”

     Incomplete or incorrect genre tagging

“Give me tunes from the 50s”

The earliest digital music comes from around 2000, so the original release dates for earlier music tend to be incorrect

“Play me something slow”

BPM information missing

“I want songs with Thelonious Monk”

Performer information missing

“Lennon and McCartney, please”

Composer information missing

At Quantone we specialise in matching tracks and filling in information gaps. We can help you overcome the voice hurdle without adding numbers to your staff, and turn the job around in a reasonable amount of time.


We can provide:

  • Deep music metadata

  • Research services

  • Consulting and project planning

  • Training for your own crew

  • Applications and “skills”

  • Playlist generation

  • Ongoing help

For more information, please get in touch!

Evan Stein

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