Decibel’s data drives discovery on the EMI Blue Note app

Decibel is delighted to have played a part in the creation of the wonderful Blue Note App, launched in October by the long-established Blue Note Records jazz label, in partnership with developer Groovebug. Decibel provided Groovebug with the music metadata necessary to turn Blue Note’s impressive record collection into a virtual record store, including track listings, individual track participations, recording session venues and dates. “The highly detailed data that Decibel provides enables jazz aficionados to get lost in the Blue Note by Groovebug app for hours and gives newcomers to the genre a way to learn more about this amazing collection.”, said Jeremiah Seraphine, CEO of Groovebug. The Decibel music metadata embedded within the the digital music files brings value to the application by creating a more immersive music experience and driving music discovery. Apart from its amazing content, The Blue Note App is also an innovative product. Groovebug is the first developer to commercialize a music product using the OpenEMI framework provided by EMI and powered by The Echo Nest, which offers technology companies a ‘sandbox’ where they can access continually updated EMI content such as music, videos, and album art. This is what Blue Note and EMI had to say about this engaging app: “We are excited to be linked with the first app to be created through the OpenEMI initiative. As a label, Blue Note is not only dedicated to pushing boundaries musically, but also to developing new ways of connecting the label’s music with fans around the globe. Groovebug and the OpenEMI team have developed an innovative way to discover and showcase Blue Note music in a way that is consistent with our tradition of uncompromising artistic excellence.” (Don Was, President of Blue Note Records) “Groovebug have done an amazing job with the Blue Note App, creating a fantastic experience that really brings this outstanding content to life. The partnership approach of the OpenEMI process has meant that whilst EMI has taken care of tasks such as licensing and clearances, and now distribution and marketing, Groovebug, have been able to concentrate on what they do best – designing and building a stunning app. With service providers like Decibel adding to the initiative by providing extra rich data, the OpenEMI initiative is becoming a melting pot of key developers and service providers in the digital music industry.” (Neil Tinegate, VP Digital Projects at EMI Music) A free version of the Blue Note by Groovebug App can now be downloaded from the App Store, containing 30 second preview clips of all the music contained in the app. For a monthly subscription worth £1.49/$1.99, the app offers its users full access to over 1,000 streaming tracks from the Blue Note Catalogue, belonging to jazz legends such as Wayne Shorter, Art Blakey, Grant Green, and Sonny Rollins. The music is complemented by the following features: playlists curated by jazz experts user playlists photo galleries and slideshows historic newspaper articles Twitter and Tumblr integration an option to dedicate songs to Facebook friends detailed liner notes, artist biographies, and recording information song discussion pages new music and non-audio content added on a monthly basis. A video demonstration of the app can be found here: To download the app please go to



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